No props, no set, no costume changes.
Just one man, his stage and his audience.

Physical, visual and exciting, SPACE is a masterclass in one-person acting.


This infinite question is answered through a trans-dimensional psychic, an army general, a science professor and many more characters in this "fantastically energetic, hilariously clever and completely ridiculous" one-man performance.


Lone performer Timothy Mann tells "a wild and imaginative story" set around the ever-changing meaning of the word 'space', “just using his remarkable talent for characterisation”. He plays a dozen characters, each one unique in body and voice - each one a living, breathing person.

Mann is “constantly on the move, improvising and interacting with his audience” and as he switches characters seamlessly in the blink of an eye, the mind-bending narrative twists and turns towards its Earth-shattering finale and “secret improvised encore” (which must be seen to be believed).


SPACE travels the globe with Nose2Nose, an international arts company holding theatre projects all over Asia and Europe. Hosted in theatres, festivals, schools and universities from India to Myanmar, Thailand to Singapore, no two SPACE shows are ever the same. As part of their arts projects, Nose2Nose offer students the opportunity to perform with Timothy, Neil and the team in front of a live audience. Tim was nominated for the Actor Award at Buxton Festival Fringe.

SPACE is an exciting, flexible show, focused on pure performance...

To learn more about SPACE, Timothy Mann, Neil Farrelly or Nose2Nose, please get in touch through the contact form at the bottom of this website. Find out where SPACE is touring and if you can make it to a showing.


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Showing at The Tank, NYC, for one night only...

14th November 2014

The Gate Theater: Performances & Workshops

2nd June 2014

SPACE to tour Thailand in Janaury 2014

9 December 2013

Brand new SPACE website now online

6 December 2013


Directed by Neil Farrelly of Nose2Nose,
'SPACE' tours with a one-person acting masterclass.


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  • Physicality

    Convincing your audience means changing everything - not just your body shape, but every single little detail from the movement of your eyes, the placement of your hands to the rhythm of the character's walk.
  • Voice

    What pitch does your character's voice have? Cadence? Texture? Experiment with different voices and reach something that matches your body movement. Make it as interesting and as different from you as possible.
  • Narrative

    During the "secret encore", Tim remains in character improvising for as long as it takes. He knows the backstory for every single character - where they've been, who they've loved, their hopes and fears. To convince your audience, make your characters real.
  • Audience

    Finally, what relationship does your character have with an audience? Are they passive observers, or involved in the action? Some of Tim's characters are audience-friendly, and some of them are not. What about your's?


There are up to a dozen characters in 'SPACE', fully-fledged personas that Tim has developed over years of performing the show. Each has his or her own voice, physicality, cadence, speech pattern and level of contact with the audience.

When touring with Nose2Nose, Tim holds an acting masterclass demonstrating how he builds a character from the ground up, starting with a voice or sound, and a physicality or body shape. Students are also invited to take part in the show's "secret encore", involving lots of improvisation with the audience. It is a fast and frantic crash course in solo performance.

To find out more about Nose2Nose, please visit their website by clicking here.

"[SPACE] exposed our students to an intense, moving and funny piece of theatre that was outside their usual experience. As fun as the show was to watch, it was even more exciting to see the students in workshops with Tim, walking through the process of developing characters and action."

Canadian Academy, Kobe

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Find out where the show is touring, and invite Nose2Nose to your school or college. Suitable ages range from 12 years and up, each masterclass tailored for the appropriate age group.


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'SPACE' is full of colourful characters,
and any one could pop out at any time...


The General

Authoritarian and cruel with a superiority complex, he hides layers of hurt and pain beneath a cold exterior.

The Child

Trapped in a vicious cycle from years of psychological abuse, he is a dreamer with aspirations for something more.

The Scientist

Whimsical, constantly distracted and playful, his old age proves a wealth of experience in life, love and loss.

Want to see more?

The full show is rife with personality, each character with his or her own story to tell. Physically and vocally they are unique, totally different from one another. Book 'SPACE' today to uncover more...


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